Last week, The Blitz Connection, in partnership with the Science Museum, hosted a half-day seminar on the future of event technology. The seminar was extremely insightful due to the assistance of various experts in the fields of social media, augmented reality, and mobile applications.

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The first company to present on stage was Think Wall, a company that arranges giant displays of live tweets in a plethora of different events. Their main focus consists on aiding event organizers on delivering live content to the attendees.

Think Wall bases their technologies and value proposition on a simple psychological premise: Herd mentality, or social proof. By understanding how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviours, follow trends or purchase items, Think Wall has enabled event organizers to boost their brand recognition and encourage more people to attend to their events in the future. The following case study presented by Think Wall better illustrates the concept of how social can be used in favour of retailers. Fashion retailer C&A has launched a marketing campaign called “Fashion Like”, where real-time Facebook ‘likes’ are displayed on Brazilian fashion retailers’ clothes racks.

C A in Brazil show likes on its clothing hangers - Retail Innovation

(Pictured: C&A in Brazil, a system called FashionLike implemented on shop floor hangers display)

Whenever a product item appears on C&A’s site, a Facebook thumbs-up is tallied on a screen, then automatically embedded in clothes hangers on the store’s physical racks, aiding customers purchasing decisions. If they are unsure of one item, they can see how many people online think the product is a good buy, while browsing the store aisles.

The final presenter was a representative of YourShow, a firm that develops mobile applications that connects to Google Glass (Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD), developed by Google) in order to aid speakers at the time of his or her presentation.

More specifically, the speaker’s slides and notes are displayed and controlled on Glass, empowering public speakers to deliver confident and engaging presentations.

Guest Post The Blitz Connection Zoho Writer

(Pictured: Google Glass presentations above)

  • Keyword tracking:  Automatically change to other slides when you are done.
  • Remote assistance: Stream through camera and help out others without actually being there.
  • Location tracking: Turn-by-turn direction within the event location.
  • Download Google Glass mobile app

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    With no doubt in mind, The Blitz Connection half-day seminar was extremely intriguing. The seminar was very insightful, engaging, and informative on the different ways to use the available technology in order to enhance the events industry.